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The Radical Middle: Unity NOT Uniformity in Deaf Education is an online community of researchers, teachers, parents, and members of the d/Deaf community committed to working together with a common goal of philosophical partnership as it applies to communication choices and educational options for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

You can learn more about the mission, goals, and individuals behind The Radical Middle: Unity NOT Uniformity in Deaf Education by visiting

Due to recent spam attacks, our discussion board platform has been temporarily suspended. All topics have been archived and can be accessed at the following link:

Until the problem is resolved, we will continue our forum discussions on our Facebook page.


Our Facebook group page offers an informal space for discussions, questions, information sharing, collaboration, and support.

Our Facebook group can be found by visiting or by typing in “The Radical Middle: Unity, not Uniformity in Deaf Education” into your Facebook search box.


Our website features information about the mission and goals of The Radical Middle: Unity, Not Uniformity in Deaf Education in addition to resources, frequently asked questions, publications and scholarly acknowledgements, and the story of how we came to be.

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Topical Discussion Updated November 20, 2016:
The Radical Middle: Unity not Uniformity in Deaf Education wants to hear your story!!! How did you find the "middle"? What struggles have you had in your journey? What successes would you like to share? How are you applying the concepts and mission of The Radical Middle in your professional life?

How to be "Radical"*
  • Open an honest and judgement free dialogue with someone who is your professional/philosophical counterpart.
  • Make an honest attempt to recognize your own personal biases and how these biases may impact your interactions with parents, students, and other professionals.
  • Avoid making definitive statements. Remember, it is possible for there to be more than one truth.
  • View the field from different perspectives and experiences without compromising your knowledge base or belief system.
  • Make a pact to work together for the sake of the students.

*Being "Radical" is not easy. This is a hard place to be in our field
and you will need to challenge yourself to think in this way! Visit for more info!

Remember that our organization represents a wide variety of philosophical orientations and communication choices and our goal is to understand one another and to be honest consumers of research. Any inflammatory or accusatory remarks will be removed and the person responsible for any such remarks may be subject to removal from the discussion.

Past Discussion Board Topics:

    Protecting Children Who are D/HH from Child Abuse and Neglect (CA/N).
    (May 9- June 5, 2016) Hosted by Dr. Caroline Guardino and Dr. Jenna Voss

  • Understanding CA/N
  • Recognizing CA/N
  • Reporting CA/N
  • What inhibits us from reporting?

    Adolescent Literacy: What are the key components of quality instruction?
    (February 15-March 28) Hosted by Dr. Jessica Trussell and Dr. Christina Rivera

  • Preparing to Discuss Adolescent Literacy
  • Introduction to the Article
  • Fluency
  • Word Study

    “Should All Deaf Children Learn Sign Language?”
    (November 15-February 15, 2016) Hosted by Dr. Michella Maiorana-Basas and Uma Soman, ABD

  • Open Dialogue: Clearing the Air
  • Research: Evaluating and discussing the research cited in the Pediatrics article.
  • Focus on Parent and Family Choices Regarding Modality and/or Philosophy: A Not so Easily Made Decision
  • Annotated Bibliography of relevant research cited in the article, responses or discussion threads.

What are we doing to enhance the teaching, learning, and performance of children who are d/hh and how can I get involved?

This section of the "Deaf Education" Web site is designed to inform individuals of an evolving number and range collaborative opportunities concerning children who are d/hh. Initially, the Web site will focus upon informing users of researchers requests for participants to be involved within their empirical investigations. An array of such opportunities is currently available via the Hands & Voices Web site section entitled "Research / Survey Opportunities." Additional opportunities will be noted on this Web site during the coming months.
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