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Topical Conversations

Topical Conversations

  Pearson has provided the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Division of Communicative Disorders and Deafness (DCDD) with the support necessary to design, implement, and evaluate the use of Wiki based discussion boards to explore the frequently encountered challenges and solutions (FEC+S) experienced by professionals who work with students communicative based disabilities. The discussions will be carried out in this section of the Deaf Education Web site. Selected DCDD members will serve as discussion moderators. The FEC+S and their projected discussion periods are as follows:

2014 October: Collaborating with other professionals.
Topical Moderator: Suzanne Rashke
Discussants: Beth Rice, Kelly Dunham, Allie Schultze, Teresa Sunberg, Bethany Walter, and Amy Wotring

2014 November: Identifying appropriate augmentative and alternative communication options for students.
Topical Moderator: Susan Bruce
Discussants: Gale B. Rice, Catherine Nelson, Patty Mason, Ruzhena (Rena) Sikarova, Katie O'Neil, and Heidi Burns

2015 February: Providing comprehensive services for students who are deaf/hard of hearing.

2015 March: Providing effective support for parents.

Each FEC+S discussion will last for a month. Individuals will be required to logon to the Deaf Education Web site to participate in the discussions.

The goals of the discussions are as follows:

1. Establish an online interactive context for individuals to vote, share, and discuss the “Frequently Encountered Challenges & Solutions” (FEC/S) that professionals encounter in their work with students who are d/hh

2. Provide a pilot investigation of the technological effectiveness of wiki based discussions on the “Deaf Education” Web site, “Topical Conversations” section to provide a forum for both voting on and discussing FECs

3. Provide an opportunity for DCDD/Hands & Voices to explore collaborative activities.

4. Increase the visibility and importance of DCDD to professionals working with students who are d/hh via consistent and effective linkages between the DCDD and the Web sites.

5. Gather data for Pearson concerning the FEC/Ss based information shared by professionals working with students who are d/hh.

6. Provide Pearson the opportunity to share texts, journal articles, literature, etc. that professionals working with students who are d/hh could use to address their FEC/Ss.

Please mark your calendars to join in this collaborative exploration of the challenges and solutions we encounter in our work with students with communicative based disabilities.
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